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GPSTPETE: In-car camera video, Victor Franzoni

On day one of the Grand Prix of St. Petersburg, following a series of tornado and thunderstorm warnings, the USF2000 drivers were first on the track. As you can see in this video from Victor Franzoni, who won the first USF2000 race of the weekend, there was water…and lots of it. What followed was a competitive two-way battle for first place between Franzoni and RC Enerson, and it makes for some exciting racing.

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  1. Road to Indy Recap: Grand Prix of St. Petersburg | Road To Indy.TV
    April 10, 2014 at 7:04 pm

    […] he was due for a win, but he was going to have to take on Franzoni to get it. Taking a look at Franzoni’s in-car video, you can tell that the water on the track was definitely a factor, and Franzoni used it as his edge […]

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